Our Process

Let us put our proven design process to work for you.

With over 20 years of experience in design and remodeling, we will put our expertise to work for your project.  Our design process offers a proven and transparent step-by-step guide to a successful project.  Let our team of experts walk you through every step and take care of all the details so you can achieve your design goals in a stress-free manner.  Here is what you can expect in a typical remodel:

  1. Initial appointment: You schedule an initial appointment in our showroom with one of our lead designers by calling 352.745.3456. We will discuss the overall scope of the project and what you do/don’t like about your current space. At this stage, we will discuss space planning ideas and walk you through a materials and labor discussion that will result in realistic ideas for a project budget. If we’re a fit for each other, we proceed to an in-home visit.

  2. In-home visit: Two members of our design team will come to your home, take measurements, and further review the scope of your project.

  3. Preliminary design and budget analysis: Our design team prepares a preliminary design that includes material and labor estimates based on the scope discussed. We also present you with a 3-D view of your space and a “Good-Better-Best” 3-column budget for all materials and labor. This offers full transparency of all costs and allows you to select the budget option that best meets your requirements.

  4. Sign retainer: After the retainer form is signed and payment is made, you will be set up with login privileges to our client portal that allows for simple, clear communication, relaying of schedules, and progress updates for your job. This is all easily accessible from your PC or smartphone.

  5. Schedule materials selection: HKB design team members will work with you to select all the materials for your project.

  6. Final planning: Once all final plans have been confirmed, we proceed to signing contracts and you make an order deposit.

  7. Material ordering: Your project is really underway now, as we order all materials, submit permits, and prepare a final full project schedule.

  8. Pre-construction meeting: Two weeks prior to commencing your job, your lead designer and project manager will meet at your home for a pre-construction meeting to go over all the logistics.

  9. Construction begins: Your dedicated project manager is your primary point of contact during this phase of the project. This person is responsible for keeping you up to date on all aspects of the project including completed tasks and the upcoming schedule.

  10. Mid-project meeting: At the mid-point in your project, we will meet to discuss any concerns you may have and review the last phase of the schedule.

  11. Project completion: At the end of your project, we will perform a final punch list and then your project is complete. Your new home living space is ready for you and your family to enjoy!

Click here for a printable copy of our process flow to help you with your planning.